What Can Go Wrong With Money Remittances?

As a business owner, you are aware that there are a lot of aspects to running a successful business. You, as one person, cannot be expected to know and understand every formality or specialty within these business aspects, which is why you hire competent people to assist you with the tasks you cannot or do not have time to do.

We have put together a few examples of what can go wrong and why you should be seeking out professional money remittance services for your business in Halifax. 

International money transfers are a natural part of most businesses these days and form part of those aspects in which you should hire a competent person or firm to perform the task. This can be daunting, and you don’t want to perform this task if you are not 100% confident in what you are doing.

High Fees

Did you know that not all money remittance companies charge the same fee? Therefore, you should compare different fees to ensure you are not paying exorbitant amounts of money. There are a few factors that these companies will take into account to calculate your fees, for example:

  • Your payment method 
  • The amount of money
  • Whether you will be giving repeat business
  • If the business has a branch in the country you are sending to

Laws & Regulations

As we mentioned above, you are not required to wear every hat in your business. Especially when it comes to laws and regulations, you want someone with the professional expertise and knowledge to navigate this “minefield”.

Ensure that your business avoids any unnecessary headaches, or worse, by hiring someone qualified to execute this task for your business.


Accounting  for international transactions can be complex, and not every general accountant will have the know-how to account for these transactions. Ensure that you have a competent accountant or accounting firm to take care of all your international transactions.

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