How Bookkeeping Services Give You A Strong Foundation

Bookkeeping is often thought of as inferior to accounting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bookkeepers are hired to record the accounting information, generally the more routine transactions such as bank accounts and cash transactions.  There has been a slight shift in the traditional view of hiring someone to perform this function, and […]

Accounting Services: How Can They Benefit You?

The accountant is a very important person in your business, charged with ensuring the accounting information is accurate, valid, and complete. Generally, the accountant will receive more routine accounting information from the bookkeeper, such as the bank account and cash-on-hand transactions. Businesses around Halifax are realizing that their bookkeeping services and accounting services can be […]

Your Responsibility As A Canadian Taxpayer

As a Canadian citizen, it is important to understand your responsibility when it comes to your tax obligation. All income-earning individuals are required to fill in and submit their tax returns. In the case of a business, there are a lot more tax responsibilities that must be adhered to. Taxation in Canada is regulated by […]

What Can Go Wrong With Money Remittances?

As a business owner, you are aware that there are a lot of aspects to running a successful business. You, as one person, cannot be expected to know and understand every formality or specialty within these business aspects, which is why you hire competent people to assist you with the tasks you cannot or do […]

What You Should Know About Financial Compliance In 2022

Any business aiming to operate legally must prioritize financial compliance. Regarding business finances, understanding what it means to be financially compliant is essential to running your business effectively.   We use this article to explain what it means to be financially compliant, why it’s crucial for all financial entities and companies, and how to ensure financial […]

Accounting Policies Explained

Accounting policies are the driving procedures for preparing financial statements for companies and industries. Accounting policies may include measurement systems, disclosure procedures, and accounting methods used by the company.   Accounting services in Halifax and worldwide include principles and policies which differ in that principles are predetermined rules, which are more lenient. Alternatively, policies provide a […]

Benefits of Money Remittance Services in Halifax

Canada is a great place to start a small business because of the huge growth potential and the many structures in place to support Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). One of these supports is professional accounting companies such as Kevin Martin Accounting that assist with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) compliance so you, as a […]

Stay Compliant and Reduce Stress With Professional HST Services in Halifax

If you’re a small business owner in Halifax, have you considered HST services to help you fulfill your tax obligations? Many entrepreneurs try to handle their taxes on their own to save on the cost but ultimately, you’re not saving on time, and may increase your stress levels.  A professional HST service provider in Halifax […]

Is Your Payroll System Working For You?

Payroll is just not what it used to be. The HR landscape has changed drastically with the emergence of new and evolving payroll software systems, each one trying to make this part of business operations seamless, cost-effective, and industry-relevant.  From Deluxe Payroll to Ceridian, Nethris, Payworks, or Quickbooks, the list of payroll systems is growing […]

The Secret to Finding the Best Bookkeeping Services in Kentville

Any business that wants to succeed needs good accounting. Too often, small business owners make the mistake of trying to do this themselves and fall short, adding to their stress levels and setting themselves back instead of progressing.  If you’ve decided that now is the time to seek professional bookkeeping services in Kentville, you’re on […]