The Benefits of Professional Accounting Services for SMME

Professional accounting services are not only about audits and tax returns; there are practical business benefits from them that drive up your profits. These include a smoother running business, more organized information and strategic business use of the information to make better business decisions. It also gives you future insights into the health of your business before a load of trouble lands on your doorstep.

Get business smart and beat your competitors with professional accounting services today.

What Are Professional Accounting Services?

Professional accounting services are more than bookkeeping and neat records. 

Professional accounting services provide a business with documentation and transaction tracking, quality control of received and produced documents, legislation compliance, strategic financial advice, and guidance on good directorship behaviour as laid out in regulations. 

The professional services will provide:

  • The correct recording of inbound and outbound finances caused by the normal conducting of business.
  • The use of the best current methodologies.
  • The clear translation of the net outcome after interpreting the business transactions.
  • The tracking of assets, liabilities, stock and other data that would make your business attractive to venture capitalists. 
  • Strategic growth advice.
  • Tax returns.
  • Financial and operations-related reports.

Why are Professional Accounting Services Important for an SMME?

Professional accounting services will empower you to plan for the growth of your business at the right time using the right method, e.g. organic, partnership, VC, etc. The services will also monitor your progress against milestones so that small adjustments can be continuously made, not dramatic ones when you are in dire straits.

Being compliant with regulations also takes time and knowledge. As a director of your company, you have personal responsibilities towards the business for which you’re personally liable, even if it is a limited corporation. 

What Business Areas Will Professional Accounting Services Help In?

A professional accounting service will save you time and empower you to be more effective in areas that you might not have a lot of time to dedicate to. Here are some examples.

  • Business budgets ensure that money is allocated to objectives that meet your current business goals. Professional accounting services will ensure that the budget is accurate, eliminate thumbsucks and measure year-on-year milestones.
  • When tax return time arrives, some small business owners start their frantic annual scratching together of records. Have you ever heard someone say: “Sorry, I can’t quote right now; I’m battling to get through my tax return”? What is the cost of that tax return if you are not attending to sales? Save time, sales and profits by using a professional all year and enjoy an easy, fast tax submission.
  • Need non-organic business growth? Do you have nice, neat financial and business records that show a history of good financial management and strategic business decisions based on financial reports? Pity, without that, it will be hard to excite investors.
  • Do you know how profitable you are? Per product? Per season? Without this info, you will not be able to focus time on and investment in the high-profit areas. 

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