5 Reasons You Need Accounting Services in Halifax

Entrepreneurs are go-getters focused on sales, customer service and product quality. Seldom do you hear of an entrepreneur who spends the majority of their days doing accounting ‒ and rightly so. Unfortunately, this explains why 80% of small businesses are expected to fail within two years. Get objective, strategic business advice and a greater chance of surviving by using accounting services in Halifax. Here are our top 5 reasons why.

Reason #1 For Accounting Services In Halifax

Time & Knowledge – Being a jack of all trades does lead to being a master of none, so trying to do every aspect of your business personally is impossible. Did you build the website? Write the blogs? Handle customer service? Do the cost analysis of the logistics? Do product research? And quality control? Have you studied the latest changes to tax law? 

Unless you have studied an accounting degree, read articles and are a CPA, you will not know the full complexity of current finance and tax laws nor be fully able to leverage the company’s profits. No entrepreneur is in business to prove they are a CPA! 

Reason #2 For Accounting Services In Halifax

Maximize Deductions – Retrospectively trying to maximize tax deductions doesn’t work. Strategic tax leveraging starts from the day you choose your business model, suppliers and pricing model, etc. These decisions continue throughout the lifespan of a company and can affect many aspects of your business ‒ including profits. 

Using a CPA or dedicated accounting service can forecast business changes needed in order to maximize the potential deductions, depreciation, strategic pricing decisions, contract restructuring, expenses, etc.

Reason #3 For Accounting Services In Halifax

Audit Alert – Hiring an accountant after an audit has been called for is too late. Avert an audit by using an accountant for financial compliance and stability.

An audit can be called due to the number of errors on a tax submission, for questionable donations, erratic write-offs and suspicious expenses. 

Your accountant is like a financial business partner who cares about the business’s financial stability.

Reason #4 For Accounting Services In Halifax

Time & Money – Entrepreneurs run a tight ship financially, but knowing which costs to exclude are vital. Excluding the cost of an accountant is not wise. The cost of your time in attempting to manage your finances and the possible losses due to your inexperience will cost you far more than the cost of the accounting services. And possibly your sanity. 

Focus on sales, strategic relationships and product development.

Reason #5 For Accounting Services In Halifax

By using an accountant, you can make financially informed decisions quickly without painful hours, days or weeks of wading through finance figures that might or might not give you the right answer! Faster, more accurate decisions equal faster, better profits.

Turn your business profitability around today with accounting services in Halifax! Contact Kevin Martin Accounting today.