Is Your Payroll System Working For You?

Payroll is just not what it used to be. The HR landscape has changed drastically with the emergence of new and evolving payroll software systems, each one trying to make this part of business operations seamless, cost-effective, and industry-relevant. 

From Deluxe Payroll to Ceridian, Nethris, Payworks, or Quickbooks, the list of payroll systems is growing longer. How do you know which one to choose? 

The best thing you could do for your business in this plethora of choices is to consult with an experienced accounting firm, so you make the best decision for you and your employees. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so important.

The Perfect Payroll System Meets Your Industry Needs 

If you’ve tried a few of the payroll systems out there, you may have already realized that there is no one-size-fits-all system, as each business sector is unique with its own requirements, complexities, and government requirements to fulfil in terms of payroll. 

For example, in the retail industry, your payroll system needs to accommodate staff attendance or check-in and check-out times. In the restaurant business, there are several different staff members to keep track of, including tax obligations for each one. In healthcare, staff need to know they can complete their jobs with full dedication, feeling confident that they will be paid accurately for overtime hours and the strenuous work they put in. Public sector organizations have government pressure and their own challenges to face, so their payroll system needs to cope with all this. 

Therefore, in short, your payroll software must be specific to the size and detailed needs of your business.

Face-To-Face Accounting = Better Results 

The best way to get the most out of your payroll system is to consult a professional accounting firm, preferably one with experience in dealing with your specific business sector, so they can advise you on the best systems for your needs. 

Face-to-face consulting is more reliable than trying to select your own software online, as an experienced accountant will be able to gain a clear picture of your business operations and goals and recommend the most suitable payroll software for your business’s size and staffing needs. 

For example, small companies will have different payroll requirements and smaller budgets compared to larger conglomerates with an extended workforce. 

Some businesses may have different staff tax obligations, training requirements, remote workers, overtime staff, or part-time staff. All these variables will lead to different payroll requirements, and researching each software on your own will take up valuable time that you, as a business owner, simply don’t have. 

Save time, money, and effort by choosing Kevin Martin Accounting for thorough, dependable payroll services for your small to medium-sized business. 

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